Friday, December 18, 2009

Did you ever got this error message, "Could not start the "application" Service service on Local Computer.

Error 1069 : The Service did not start due to a logon failure.”

I ever got this message when i try to start an application on windows server 2003 or NT.
I try to retype the password in "services" menu. But, it still did not work.
Now, i check the permission on file that refer to path that show in "services". And i set it to full access for everyone.
And then, i back to the "services" menu again, and starting this.
And it's working now.
This issue show, it cannot to access the file on windows services. It needs to make sure that the files is able to execute.
So if you got this message, try to register in Control Panel > Administrative > Services. And Type the password and start it after you put your password.
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